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Good beer never goes out of style. There is always time for sharing drinks with friends and family at a party or casual gathering. This is even truer as we approach the holidays and long to spend some time with those that mean the most to us. A vital and often overlooked part of a good beer is a good can. As a quality canning small business, Crossroads Mobile Canning is dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers and expanding their reputation.

As the name indicates, Crossroads is a mobile beverage canning company. The business is able to travel to 15 bbl and under breweries and home brewers to can their products. At this point in the business life cycle, the travel area is anywhere in Oregon. Crossroads Mobile Canning is currently being run by both Joseph Haggard and Michelle Haggard. Joseph is a 54 year old former field service engineer who had to leave his profession with a major hematology manufacturer due to medical problems. Joseph also holds an electronics degree. The father of five and grandfather of 13 has brought his extensive knowledge and experience into this new endeavor. And quite frankly Joseph, now disabled, is not willing to give up on building a successful career. His sterilization and decontamination knowledge ensures that the canning machine will be kept clean. This will ensure the best product possible.

Crossroads Mobile Canning is a semi-automated canning unit. The primary pieces of equipment involved are the Cask Brewing manual canning system and the Primera printer labeler. Cask systems has been working with the brewing industry in canning since the early 1980s. Together these fixtures allow Crossroads to provide black cans in either 12 oz. or 16 oz. sizes. In fact the desired size can be changed in only 15 minutes. The equipment will allow for printing and smudge resistant custom label applications for either beer or coffee products as well. As a precaution, spare parts have been ordered and are completely mobile so that all instrument issues will be dealt with seamlessly. This will allow entrepreneurs to get their canned products ready for sale very quickly. For beer drinkers, the can is the favored beer container about 80 percent of the time. Cans offer 100 percent protection from light exposure. This canning system has a compact design and the lowest cost retail package for any potential beer container. This enables even the smallest microbrewer to take advantage of an incredibly popular package which is easy to handle, store and recycle.

Crossroads Mobile Canning is currently undergoing a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to grow their business. The business model is solid, the only missing ingredient is the funds which can only come through successful crowdfunding. There are many different rewards being offered through this campaign. For a pledge of 10 dollars, four Crossroads Mobile Canning are being offered. A 25 dollar donation comes with a Crossroads logo trucker’s hat or tee shirt and a 75 dollar donation comes with a Crossroads gray hoodie.

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