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Sleeved can suppliers: These companies supply Mylar sleeved cans as low as one pallet approx 3300 cans and also supply Lids, case trays and paktech handles in many colors. usually takes 4-weeks for delivery after art work ok'd.  Don't forget to mention Crossroads for special pricing. Craft Beer Crew will use your sleeves and put on cans down to two barrels worth.

CanSource  Longmont CO                                                      Craft Beer Crew (Small Batch Sleeved Cans)

EM:                                                                 Justin Beamon   813-716-9025

303-709-1078                                                                                             EM:                                                                                                              


Landsberg Orora Wilsonville,  OR                                                 Ramsey Genflex Labels (sleeves Only)

EM:                                                                    770-883-6846




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